1st September 2020

Burton Fellwalkers is happy to announce a new programme for September and October. Details can be viewed in Walks By Year 2020.  

Of course - our walks will be a little different than usual-to keep us all safe. But the same friendly faces and interesting locations. We are trialling midweek walks for the next 2 months- to avoid crowded locations mainly. We will walk in groups no larger than 6 - so will split into 2 groups eg if 10 people turn up

Please read the 'COVID guidelines' below

Full guidelines have been published by the government, and you should ensure that you are fully informed of this advice before you attend a walk. 

To avoid the risk of infecting others:

       Do not come if you are infected or you have been in contact during the last 14 days with someone who you know has been infected.

 To avoid the risk of becoming infected

       If you are clinically vulnerable you must decide for yourself whether or not to participate in a walk following the current government advice.  BFW cannot guarantee to ensure that all walkers consistently follow government advice

 To avoid both the risk of becoming infected or passing the infection to others

       Do not share cars on the way to or from the rendezvous

       Keep a physical distance between yourself and other walkers of 2 metres. Be particularly aware of this at stiles, gates, and narrow points in the walk. Where it is possible one person should hold gates open for everyone.

       Do not share kit or food with other walkers

       Carry a mask to wear if you are injured and need help from other people, and wear the mask if our group is unable to maintain social distances from other groups of people

       Carry hand sanitiser gel and use it frequently especially after opening or closing gates, or carry disposable gloves to use opening gates

       If you develop symptoms within 48 hours of a walk arrange a Covid 19 test and comply with government track and trace advice.


  • We will walk in separate groups of no more than 6 people –each group to remain in sight of each other. Please ensure someone in the second group has the walk leader’s mobile phone number, and ideally a route map

  • Walk leaders please record who is on your walk and retain details for 21 days.