The Society is run by a Committee elected annually at an Annual General Meeting. The current elected officers include:

Chairman: Clive Horsford
Vice-Chairman: Helen Nixon
Secretary: Kath Kirkman
Treasurer: Mike Earl
Archivist: Kath Hayhurst

Committee members: Andrea Bell, Catherine Brunyee, Cecilia Hunt, John Jones, Sarah Walker

Three different grades of walk are organised to cater for all levels of walking ability:

1. Full day walks take place on the third Saturday of the month throughout the year. They are generally more difficult walks visiting the higher fells in summer and are of 8 miles + depending on the severity of the walk

2. Half day easier walks on the first Sunday of the month generally of around 5 miles +

3. Easier walks of five miles or less at a slower pace on Wednesdays.

Each walk is planned and led by an individual leader. The safety of each walk is the responsibility of the walk leader who amongst other matters must ensure that each walker is properly equipped for the conditions expected to be experienced during the walk.

All walks meet in the car park of Burton Memorial Hall where transport is arranged to the starting point of the walk using members' own vehicles.

Membership Fee, due 1st January, is £8.00 Juniors 50p

Dogs are permitted on walks under the owner's control and MUST be on a lead when there are farm animals and on roads.

Members are required to keep together and not get ahead of the leader.