Sunday 6th Jan 12 noon Whitbarrow 6mls Dougie Bell Moderate, only 500ft of ascent.

Wednesday 16 Jan 10.00am Kendal ***** Oenone Hutchinson Easy

Saturday 19 Jan 9.00am Coniston 8mls Kath Kirkman Moderate, 800ft of ascent

Sunday 3rd Feb 12 noon Staveley 5mls Clive Horsford 01524 782493 Low Level

Monday 4th Feb 7.30pm ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Memorial Hall

Wednesday 20 Feb 10.00am Lupton ***** Andrea Bell Easy

Saturday 23 Feb 9.00am Old Parrock Hill 7.5mls Clive Horsford Moderate, Undulating, 1,500 ft of ascent

Sunday 3rd Mar 12 noon Great Unsworth 6mls Mary Bullimore Archaeology walk Moderate, 750ft of ascent

Monday 4th Mar 40th Anniversary Celebration

Wednesday 20 Mar 10.00am Strickland Ketel ***** Kath Hayhurst Easy

Saturday 23 Mar 9.00 am Grasmere Circular 10mls Helena Nixon Hard 1500 ft of ascent

Sunday 7th Apr 1.00pm Lyth Valley 6mls Cecilia Hunt Easy

Wednesday 17 Apr 10.00am Wray & Latterbarrow ***** Helena Nixon Easy

Saturday 13 Apr 9.00am High Raise from Grasmere 10mls Dougie Bell Hard/Strenuous 2300ft of ascent

Sunday 5 May 1.00pm Reston Scar Staveley 5.5mls Mike Earl Easy

Wednesday 15 May 6.30pm Levens Bridge ***** Sarah Walker Easy

Saturday 18 May 8.30am Harter Fell from Seathwaite 10mls Dougie Bell 2000ft Hard

Sunday 2nd June 1.00pm Orrest Head from Holeherd 6mls Cecilia Hunt Moderate

Wednesday 5th June 8.30am Kentmere Horseshoe 12mls Dougie Bell 3,800 feet Strenuous

Saturday 15 June 8.30am Black Coombe 7.5mls Charlie Billington 1750 feet Moderate

Wednesday 19 June 6.30pm Arnside ***** Helena Nixon Easy

Sunday 23 June 8.30am High Cup Nick 10mls John Jones 2300ft Strenuous

Sunday 7th July 1.00pm Secrets of Hutton Roof Crags 6mls John Jones Undulating Moderate

Saturday 13 July 8.30am Bowfell 10mls John Jones 3000ft Strenuous

Wednesday 17 July 6.300pm Local ***** Catherine Brunyee Easy

Saturday 20 July 8.30 am Swinside Knott 10mls Mary Bullimore Hard 2400ft of ascent

Sunday 28 July 8.30am Robinson to Dalehead, Traverse from Littletown 11mls Dougie Bell 3500ft of ascent Strenuous

Sunday 4th Aug 1.00pm Glenridding 6mls Catherine Brunyee Undulating Moderate

Wednesday 7th Aug 8.30am Helvelyn Range 12mls John Jones 3500ft of ascent Strenuous

Wednesday 14 Aug 1.00pm Kendal ***** Oenone Hutchinson Easy

Saturday 17 Aug 8.30am Ulswater Way 10mls Helena Nixon Undulating Moderate

Wednesday 21 Aug 8.30am Grassington 10mls Andrea Bell Undulating Moderate

Saturday 24 Aug 8.30am Coniston Round fr. Walna Scar 8mls Dougie Bell 2600ft of ascent Strenuous

Sunday 1st Sept 1.00pm Great Burney 6.5mls Clive Horsford 1000ft of ascent Moderate

Wednesday 18 Sept 1.00pm Warton Crag ***** Cecilia Hunt Easy

Saturday 21 Sept 8.30am Low Dale Park circular 11mls Clive Horsford Moderate

Sunday 6th Oct 1.00pm Clapham 6mls Kath Kirkman Moderate

Wednesday 16 Oct 1.00pm Deepdale ***** John Jones Easy

Saturday 19 Oct 8.30am Rusland Round 10mls Dougie Bell 07711 350141 2500ft of ascent Hard

Sunday 3 Nov 12 noon Hincaster & Levens 5 mls John Jones Easy

Saturday 6 Nov 9.00am Arnside & Silverdale 8mls Kerstin Nagel

(Walk to remember Ray)

Wednesday 20 Nov 10.00am Austwick ***** Kath Kirkman

(Easy with light lunch at the café in Feizor)

Sunday 15 Dec 1.00pm Mince Pie Walk Mary Bullimore


***** Denotes 5 miles or less at a more relaxed pace

Non members are welcome, there is a charge of £2.00 to comply with insurance. If you wish to continue after 2 visits you must join.