2018 Walks

Sunday 7 Jan 12noon Yealand Storrs 4 mls Gary Crayston
Wednesday 17 Jan 1.00pm Kendal Round ***** Oenone Hutchinson
Saturday 20 Jan 9.00am Blawith. Should have been Angle Tarn 7.5 mls Kath Kirkman
Annual Dinner Clive Horsford
Sunday 4 Feb 12noon Masongill 6mls Mike Earl
Monday 5 Feb 7.30pm Annual General Meeting
Saturday 17 Feb 9.00am Ellerside 8mls Clive Horsford
Wednesday 21 Feb 1.00pm Elterwater ***** Kath Kirkman
Sunday 4 Mar 12noon Jenny Brown's Point 6 mls Cecilia Hunt
Saturday 17 Mar 9.00am Ill Belle (Troutbeck) 8 mls Helena Nixon
Wednesday 21 Mar 1.00pm Farleton ***** Mary Bullimore
Sunday 8 Apr 1.00pm Heel Toe Hill 6 mls Clive Horsford
Wednesday 18 Apr 1.00pm Bay Gateway By canal & river ***** Cecilia Hunt
Saturday 21 Apr 9.00am High Rigg 7mls John Jones
Sunday 6 May 1.00pm Forest of Bowland from Claughton 6 mls Mike Earl. Moderate
Wednesday 16 May 6.30pm Barbon ***** Catherine Brunyee. Easy
Saturday 19 May 8.30am Moughton Scar 9mls Kerstin Nagel. Moderate
Sunday 3 June 1.00pm Beacon Fell 6mls Clive Horsford. Moderate
Saturday 16 Jun 8.30am High Cup Nick 10 mls John Jones. Strenuous 2300 ft of ascent
Wednesday 20 June 6.30pm Scout Scar ***** Helena Nixon. Easy
Sunday 1 July 1.00pm Dales Way 6mls Catherine Brunyee. Moderate
Wednesday 18 July 6.30pm Silverdale ***** Sarah Walker. Easy
Saturday 21 July 8.30am Fountains Fell from Stainforth 10mls Doug Bell. Strenuous 1800 ft of ascent
Sunday 5 Aug Bigland Tarn 6 mls. Cecilia Hunt. Moderate
Wednesday 15 Aug 1.00pm Arkholme ***** Kath Kirkman. Easy
Saturday 18 Aug 8.30 am North Howgill Ridges 9mls Mary Bullimore. Hard 2000 ft of ascent
Sunday 2 Sept 1.00pm Long Meg & Little Salkeld 6mls Sarah Walker. Moderate Undulating
Saturday 15 Sept 8.30am Red Screes from Ambleside 8mls Helena Nixon. Hard 2000 ft of ascent
Wednesday 19 Sept 1.00pm Halton, River Lune ***** Cecilia Hunt. Easy
Sunday 7 Oct 1.00pm Ingleton Waterfalls 4.5 mls John Jones. 600 ft of ascent Lots of steps Cost £6.00
Wednesday 17 Oct 1.00pm Blelham Tarn, Wray Castle ***** Andrea Bell. Easy
Saturday 20 Oct 8.30am The Rut from Patterdale 8 mls Kath Kirkman. Moderate 1400ft of ascent
Sunday 4 Nov 12 noon Black Fell Crag 6mls Andrea Bell Moderate
Saturday 17 Nov 9.00am Helsington 7mls Sarah Walker Easy/Moderate
Wednesday 21 Nov 10.00am Chapel House Wood ***** Andrea Bell Easy
Sunday 16 Dec 1.00pm Mince Pie Walk Catherine Brunyee Jacob's Join afterwards in Hall Easy