Sunday 3 September 2017
Leader: Gary Crayston
Photos: John Jones

Leader Garry Crayston.

Eleven walkers set out from the renamed Black Labrador pub in Underbarrow on a showery afternoon.

Turning right, the road was followed to the drive to Tranthwaite Hall, which was followed for half its length. At a secluded cottage with beautiful grounds, field paths were followed over the northern shoulder of Knott Hill. Gamblesmire Lane was joined and followed through woodland towards Cunswick Hall, which was in the process of being refurbished, 'A sign of the times' remarked one member!

Field paths were followed round the northern end of secretive Cunswick Tarn to enter Scar wood to ascend to the ridge of Cunswick ScarĀ - an escaped Dolphin was passed in the wood.

Walking south along the ascending scar eventually brought us to the Kendal to Underbarrow road. This was crossed and Scout Scar ascended to 'The Mushroom' shelter look out point. The rain had been steadily increasing driven by a light wind, so the opportunity of the shelter was taken for a short, cool, tea stop.

Refreshed, the group continued south along Scout Scar locating the steep descent to Barrowfield Farm. After the farm a steep section through Honeybee Wood and a wet pasture led to an awkward wall crossing into Barrowfield Lot. A narrow path led through this interesting mature Pine tree woodland where several patches of different fungi were encountered, including the colourful and rarer Fly Agaric.

Field paths were then followed above Tanyard Beck to reach Tullythwaite house, where memories of its period as a restaurant were exchanged. The lane was then followed back to Underbarrow, where wet clothes were thankfully removed and some members visited the pub for a meal.

A very good 7 mile walk that should definitely be repeated in better weather.