Saturday 20 October 2018 
Leaders: Kath Kirkman & Mary Bullimore
Photos: John Jones

On Saturday 20th October Burton Fellwalkers walked from Patterdale up the path on to Boredale Hause and then across to ascend to Beda Fell Knott. The cloud came down making visibility difficult at times as they continued along the ridge to Brock Crag and Allen Crag where lunch was taken.

The descent was to Howstead Farm at which point the group turned left to go along the path through Boredale Valley where the atmosphere was charged with the roars of the Red Deer Stags at rutting time although because of poor visibility not many were visible.

They then climbed up by Hause Crag and returned to Boredale Hause before descending back to Patterdale and the White Lion for a well earned cuppa or pint.

There was a "B" walk this day which was a shortened version of the main walk. Kath and Jenny turned round at Beda Fell Knott and had a wander around before finding a perch on Hause Crag where they sat and had lunch listening to the roars and watching a stag which Jenny christened Angus. His lady friend was not interested but I am sure that was just to tease him and he would eventually win her over. They sat and watched until it was too cold to stay and then returned via the Hause to Patterdale.

They didn't visit the pub as Jenny had managed to sit down in the only bit of water they crossed but both agreed it had been a really great day. Walk leaders were Kath Kirkman and Mary Bullimore.

To add to the story, on returning home I discovered that my camera was missing which meant a return on the Monday to try to recover it. No-one had handed it in at Patterdale so that had to be a climb back up to Boredale Hause and a search of Hause Crag. I had just about given up hope but climbed down the steep grassy bit into the valley and actually found it. It had rolled down the hill. Despite sitting in the rain for two days it worked and I am attaching photos to show that there really are deer in Boredale Valley.