BFW Holiday in Pitlochry 9 to 13 September 2019

Wednesday 11th September

Queen’s View and Evening with Ronnie Ross

The next day saw several different trips, one being to Rannoch Moor Station where good food was enjoyed at the local establishment.

Another group of four drove to the Hermitage near Dunkeld and followed the Inver Walk which passed Ossian’s Hall and cave. The Torrywald Victorian viewing point (from which views were now obscured by trees), came next as the route continued through forest to join the riverside path where Neil Gow’s Oak and wavy seat were seen. The final section passed through Inver Village itself. After refreshments at The Beatrice Potter cafe, the ancient Birnam Oak in Birnam Woods was visited.

One couple visited the Queen’s View above the river Tummel.

An evening of singing and dance was laid on for guests.